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Comfortable and practical, this Outlander will be a great partner for your holidays as well as everyday commute.


2L 4 Cyl. - 29,000 km

This Range Rover HSE is the high end of the Evoque line. It is in perfect condition and has all options you would like including:

  • Power and heated leather seats
  • Sunroof
  • Radar and cruise control
  • Electric trunk opening
  • High end audio system
  • and a lot more

BMW X3 Xdrive 28i High Line – 2011

3L 6 cyl. - 75,000 km

This X3 Xdrive is a very well equipped luxurious SUV. With its powerful yet economical 6 cylinder engine and 4 wheel drive, it will get you safely and comfortably anywhere. It is in very good condition both inside and outside.

This Fairlady Z Roadster is a fun car to drive with it’s 3.5L V6. It is a convertible with an automatic gearbox and manual mode.

This convertible Mini Cooper is the perfect city car. It is a fun and economical car, very easy to drive with a very strong personality!

BMW X5 35d M-Sport Xdrive – 2015

3.0l V6 Turbo Diesel - 35,000 km

This top of the class luxury SUV will bring you and your family safely and comfortably anywhere you want to go! Extremely comfortable and packed with options, it is also very economical despite the 258hp under the bonnet!


6.0l V12 - 55,000 km

A beautiful 4-seater Aston Martin DB9, in excellent condition both interior and exterior. In the cockpit, you will be surrounded by luxury leather, wood and aluminum while the 6.0l V12 will please your ears with its roaring sound.

It is very comfortable to drive either with the roof open or closed, depending on your mood (and the weather!).

The options list includes:

– GPS with TV
– Front and back parking assist
– Super comfortable electric, heated burgundy leather seats with memories
– Electric roof
– Aluminum/Leather paddle shifters
– 19inch wheels


3.0l Turbo - 62,000 km

This Volvo V60 is in perfect condition. It is the top of the range of the V60. It is a fast and yet highly comfortable and safe car that is perfect to fit the whole family for daily commutes or for a sporty weekend in the mountain. Thanks to its 4 wheel drive and intelligent driving aid system, this car can be safely driven anywhere by anyone very easily. It has full options and is very comfortable for long distance drives.

Do not be fooled by the wagon style of the car, it can be very powerful if you want it to be and you will be very surprised how easily it is to drive.

It has an impressive list of options including:
– Heated steering wheel with Polestar design
– Harman Kardon audio system
– Super comfortable electric, heated leather/alcantara seats with memories with special Polestar design
– Automatic cruise [...]

BMW 335i Touring Luxury – 2015

3.0l Turbo - 60,000 km

BMW 335i Touring Luxury 2015-11
This is a fantastic sporty family car. This station Wagon from end 2015 is comfortable and very well equipped. It has a 8 speed automatic gearbox with paddles. It has a black metallic paint with brown leather interior.

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