Car Sourcing

Tell us your needs, your budget and we will find your car.

We always have a wide range of cars in stock but we understand that everybody body has specific needs. That is the reason why we can look for your perfect car beased on your requirements. We can source any available car from the market, whether it is sold by individuals, car dealers or through auctions. We will listen to your needs and will find with you the best suited car at the right price.


“We had a pretty low budget to buy a family car. We wanted something quite recent and I didn’t think that we could find anything but Rodolphe did a great job at finding the hidden gem. Thank you! Now we can go around town every weekend!”
Peter L.

We are mostly specialized in foreign cars but we have sourced more and more Japanese cars these past years too. So just let us know your budget and your needs and we will find your car.

See what cars are currently available here.

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