Shaken test

Let us help you pass your car's shaken test.

We help you pass the shaken. Just sit back and relax.


After 3 years and every 2 years after that, a car needs to have its “shaken” certificate renewed. We can help you with the whole process and get your shaken renewed effortlessly. Contact us for more details.



“I was so worried about having the shaken done that I almost sold my car to avoid doing it. Fortunately Rodolphe and his team got in done in a breeze for a very cheap price. Thank you!”
Philippe F.


What can we do for you?
  • Pick up the car from your home (depending on location)
  • Provide you a rent a car
  • Service the car
  • Pre-check the car to make sure it will pass the test
  • Bring the car to the test location
  • Do all the paperwork for the renewal of shaken
  • Bring your car back



“The check was all done within 3 days. They serviced the car, pre checked it to make sure it would pass the shaken. The car passed it without a problem and I could even get a rent a car from Euro Japan in the meantime so I could keep¬†working. Great service!”
John T.

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